Preparing your home for sale

  • Clean and remove clutter: Ensure that the potential buyers are paying attention to all of the great aspects of your home and not how messy it looks! Removing clutter also makes your home look more spacious and inviting.
  • Consider repainting with neutral colors: If your home is painted with bold colors, you may be turning off buyers who are not able to look past a simple fix. Repainting with neutral colors will allow the buyers to focus on the home itself and not the bold colors on the walls.
  • Ensure décor is simple and remove personal items: You want each potential buyer which walks into your home to be able to imagine themselves living in the home. Remove personal items (such as family photos on the refrigerator) and any décor which may turn off  buyers with different tastes.
  • Lighting: Open windows and drapes to let the light in and create a bright and cheery room that is inviting.
  • Remove Bulky Furniture: Furniture should be scaled to the size of your room as bulky furniture can make a room look smaller than it actually is.
  • Curb appeal:  Make sure your grass is cut, your hedges are trimmed and any peeling paint is fixed. This is essential in getting potential buyers in the door.
  • Small Renovations: Changing faucets, kitchen hardware, and light fixtures are inexpensive ways to give your home a quick update.